When you hear “relaxing vacation”, what do you think about? What image pops into your head? If you are like most, you probably picture an ocean or a beach. There’s a good reason for this. There is something inherently relaxing and positive about being by the sea.

In today’s blogs, we at Villas at Royal Oaks are going to take a look at some of these coastal living benefits. As owners of a waterfront new home community, we love coastal living and love helping people fulfill their coastal living dreams. Our luxury developments are located just across the Aransas Bay, and each property is situated for easy access to all the joys of coastal living—award winning beaches, a private pier, golf, fishing, restaurants, and more. Learn more about Villas at Royal Oaks and check out our 1303 Villas Drive property or our 1401 Royal Oaks Trail property. Contact us today to schedule a showing or to learn more.

Splendid Views

Nothing beats the beauty of the sea. Whether you are watching the sunrise or sunset or just taking in the sea’s vastness, there is something awe-inspiring about the endless horizon of the sea. In fact, in a study about the benefits of coastal living, Professor Amber Pearson, of Michigan State University said, “Increased views of blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress.” Additionally, when you are able to routinely enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset, your days will even feel a bit longer.

Nature and Weather

Warm weather year-round is, without a doubt, one of the best parts of coastal living. Not only is great weather great for your mental health, but it also helps with your physical health, too. This is because people who live by the sea typically tend to exercise more and are, therefore, healthier. Not only does this mean you can spend more time outside, but it also means you can do all the outdoor activities you love year-round—golfing, fishing, walking, and more.

Waterfront Amenities

If you enjoy waterfront activities like sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, and fishing, coastal living is perfect for you—these activities can be a daily part of your life. At Villas at Royal Oaks, for example, we are located across the Aransas Bay. And as a member of our new home community, you not only have access to a private pier, tranquil pond, and award-winning beaches, but you are also just a short drive from the Gulf of Mexico, making a sailing trip or boating adventure always just minutes away.

Less Stress

Maybe it’s the ocean’s vastness that helps you put things in perspective and realize how insignificant the thing that is stressing you out is, or maybe it’s the sheer beauty of it all. Either way, seaside living seems to be more conducive to relaxation. This isn’t just something we all know intuitively. Recent studies, like this one conducted by Michigan State University, have found that living close to the sea can have a “statistically significant” impact on mental health.

Healthier Living

Being close to the sea can have a number of positive health effects. For example, living by the sea often means you get more vitamin D, which helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Additionally, the sea air is rich with healthy negative ions that help in oxygen absorption. And as we mentioned, when the weather is nice, you are more encouraged to take part in physical activity. These benefits, along with other advantages, can be the thing you need to live your best possible life.

Ready for Coastal Living?

Are you ready to make these benefits a daily part of your life? Then it’s time to start looking for waterfront homes for sale. If you have yet to check out the Rockport-Fulton area—also known as the “Charm of the Texas Coast”—have a look at some of our new homes for sale. Whether you are looking for a place to retire, move, or vacation, the Villas at Royal Oaks can help make your coastal dreams come true.

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